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We have the solutions to all your carpet cleaning problems. The best answers to make stain removal easy.

Are handmade rugs sensitive to fire?

All carpets are sensitive to fire and, in fact, Carpet Cleaning Porter Ranch would confirm that fire damage restoration is difficult. Wool rugs are the most resistant but still you need to put fire protection in front of the fire place and keep oriental rugs as far as possible. If you want to protect wall to wall carpets, place another inexpensive rug on the top. Handmade rugs are more sensitive because they are made by natural materials.

Should I place carpets or tiles at home?

They are both inexpensive solutions. It would depend on the house and taste. Tiles create more cold environments in comparison to carpets, which are warm in every perspective. Though, tile cleaning is easier than carpet cleaning and carpets will give you a hard time if there is water damage. Perhaps, you should place tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and cover the rest of the home floors with carpets.

What are the worst kinds of stains on a carpet?

Plenty of different liquids and sauces hold honorable mentions in this infamous list, but Porter Ranch cleaners absolutely detest red wine. As the deep red color naturally stains or dyes, removal of this kind of stain can be quite an exercise in futility.

What are the easiest ways to clean a carpet?

Cleaner experts over at Porter Ranch would recommend more thorough carpet cleaning, but for those looking for an easy way to manage their carpets, there are also some options. You can vacuum your carpet, dry clean it, or use a brush with a bit of cleaning agent.

Should rug fringes be vacuumed?

No, this is definitely not a good idea since the powerful suction can cause damage such as plucking. You can clean them with damp sponge instead. If you use any kind of product, you must remember to rinse the fringes with clean water. In general, the less water you use the better. If the fringes do not dry, you should use a fan or a hair dryer.

Can I use a carpet cleaning product for the upholstery too?

We do not recommend that, as the two types of surfaces are very different. In general, upholstery will need gentler cleaning. Check what kind of cleaning product will be safe for your upholstered furniture given its make. Some microfiber sofas, for example, should not be cleaned with water-based solutions. Use softer cleaning tools for the upholstery too. White towel is usually the best option.

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