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Read new ideas about stain removal. The best carpet cleaning tips and methods to keep rugs spotless

Choose the right rugs for your bathroom! Learn how to clean silk rugs properly and how to make all floors sparkle.

Best rugs for the bathroom

It is obvious that although oriental rugs would look lovely in big bathrooms, they would still be unsuitable. Bathroom rugs get dirty easily and collect too much moisture. Thus, they must be cheap and made to be washed in the washing machine. Experts from Carpet Cleaning Porter Ranch would suggest stain removal in case you have dropped body lotion or similar products, which contain oil.

How to make tile floors shiny

Tile cleaning is easy but, sometimes, grease and constant cooking make tiles in the kitchen lose their shine. It's easy to bring them back to life by filling a bucket with warm water and adding vinegar. Mopping the floors with this mixture will make the difference. Tile floor cleaning will be more effective if instead of using vinegar, you use ammonia. It's excellent for stain removal.

Clean silk rugs properly

Silk is sensitive and rug cleaning should be done with special ecofriendly products, which are first tested at the corner of the rug. You want to avoid discoloration or damaging the fibers. It's also important to remember that silk rugs must not be vacuumed often and never at the opposite direction of the piles or they'll be ruined.

Fluff damp fibers

It is recommended to dry damp fibers by fluffing the nap fuzzy surface after shampooing. Fluffing not only aids in drying the carpet, but also takes care of any indentation left by furniture items or heavy objects. This can be done by raking the pile with your fingers or using a fork. If you use the latter, make sure not to pull too hard on the threads.

Avoid putting rugs under the sun

One of the most efficient rug cleaning methods is to put rugs out in the patio for beating and ventilation. But don't leave them under the sun for long or you'll notice discolorations especially if we're talking about handmade oriental rugs. For the same reason, turn them when they're on the floor so that the sun coming from the windows will "touch" every part of the rug.

Brush carpets and rugs into the direction of the nap

This allows you to pick up the hair and lint more effectively, easily and quickly. Otherwise, you will be actually pushing these deeper into the carpet. It is best to use gentle strokes without much force for getting excellent results even faster. The technicians of Carpet Cleaning Porter Ranch recommend that you clean the brush every time it gets half-full to ensure maximum efficiency.

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