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Little Secrets for Efficient Carpet Cleaning

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

With the invention and improvement of vacuum cleaners all other methods forcarpet cleaning disappeared and most homeowners consider that vacuuming the carpets is sufficient. Don't forget that the most dangerous for your health microorganisms are invisible and cannot be removed efficiently with the vacuum cleaner. On the contrary, they are pushed farther into the depths of the carpet and this is why, although you keep the house clean, there are still bad odors in the atmosphere and you are still suffering from some allergies.Little Secrets for Efficient Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are family members

Carpets offer many conveniences to your everyday lives and they only ask from you to follow some rules for residential carpet cleaning.

* You must make it a habit to vacuum the rugs twice a week because this is the perfect way to remove excessive dirt and dust and massage the fibers. You just need to remember that oriental rugs need gentle movements.

* Most probably, you have all you need for effective carpet stain removal at home and you don't need to get other detergents, which according to the experts of Carpet Cleaning Porter Ranch contain chemical substances. The secret is treating stains quickly and remember that stain removal would have better results if you mix some vinegar in the water.

* You may not know that but most drinks and foods contain some chemicals and that's why some stains are very stubborn. In this case, you can search for special detergents in the market but you need to make sure they are ecofriendly products.

* Water and fire are still the greatest enemies of all carpets. For this reason, you should refrain from placing them close to the fireplace and you must do mold inspection often to prevent the expansion of a possible problem.

Get rid of bad odors

Bad smells won't only create an unpleasant environment indoors but they may also create serious health problems or wake up some allergies. Cooking soda and vinegar are both very effective with odor removal but you need to make sure the carpets are well vacuumed first and let the natural products absorb all odors for at least 12 to 14 hours before you step on them again.

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